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MSI offers Step Up to Touchplan® program for Bosch RefinemySite software users.

November 21, 2023

Combines services and technology for fast, painless migration to the leading construction planning platform.

BOSTON, MA, Nov 21 – MOCA Systems, Inc. (MSI), a leading provider of services and software to the design and construction industry, announces a specialized customer assistance program to enable users of Bosch’s popular RefinemySite to step up to Touchplan, the premier construction planning platform. The program combines data migration technology, expert user training, and flexible contract terms, all designed to preserve the customer’s investment and prevent disruption in their Lean Construction journey.

“Bosch and MOCA Systems have always shared a deep commitment to the Lean Construction Institute’s Last Planner System® for efficient, reliable construction planning,” said MSI CEO Sandy Hamby, adding “and Touchplan’s Patented Pull Planning technology further enables Lean Construction at scale for even the largest projects.”

The Step Up to Touchplan program provides RefinemySite users with the following:

  • Generous discounts on Touchplan software to offset their RefinemySite sunk cost
  • Dedicated Customer Success professionals to assure a smooth transition
  • Data migration tools and assistance to preserve their RefinemySite data assets
  • Free training and access to a wide variety of Touchplan learning resources
  • Live chat with Touchplan experts and software migration specialists

“Delighting our customers is job one at MSI,” said Jason Lyon, Touchplan’s VP of Customer Success. “With our 30-second response time, dedicated success advocates, and methods for continuously improving planning routines, we can provide RefinemySite users with everything they need to easily take their Lean Construction journey to new heights,” he added.

Current RefinemySite customers can send an email to StepUp@touchplan.io to learn more about the Step Up to Touchlan program and schedule a free consultation with a Lean planning expert to assess your needs and plan an efficient transition from RefinemySite to Touchplan.

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