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MSI is the leader in Intelligent Construction Design, Planning, and Management. We provide innovative services and technologies for Owners, Designers, and Contractors to create execution plans, manage the construction process in real time, and ensure projects are on-time and on-budget, from conception to completion.

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We are the premiere provider of software platform and service solutions to leading owners, designers, general contractors, and specialty contractors working on some of the world’s most influential, innovative, and challenging design and construction projects.

MSI provides capabilities that improve how design and construction is delivered. MSI helps property owners successfully collaborate, plan, build, and manage the facilities and infrastructure required to support their mission.

Serving the construction industry since 1999, MSI has completed over 4,000 projects for private, state, and federal developers while providing technology collaborative planning solutions for over 51,000 users of the world’s leading global commercial builders listed on ENR’s 400 & 600 Top Contractors List.

Your Partner from Project Definition to Completion

The construction process is complex, and problems like schedule and budget slippages can happen early if the project team isn’t aligned. MSI is with you throughout the journey, from conceptual design to project completion and grand opening. 

Our design and construction professionals use a time-tested approach known as Early Project Definition and Alignment that ensures the project team is on the same page. Our construction planning platform, Touchplan, ensures that everything outlined in the master schedule is meticulously executed daily, enhancing communication and collaboration on the jobsite.

Align your projects for success with our full suite of services and software solutions. 

MOCA Services

MOCA Services is a full-service Owner’s Representative firm serving the design and construction industry. MOCA Services niche in Early Project Definition and Alignment helps clients align their building projects for success by becoming engaged at the very beginning of each project and bringing together the project’s qualitative and quantitative elements described in quality, scope, cost, and time. MOCA Services is a relationship-focused consulting firm providing leadership to clients with large, complex, and politically challenging projects. 

Call MOCA Services first to align your expectations of quality, scope, cost, and schedule to ensure you get the building you deserve.

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MOCA Services

Touchplan Software

Touchplan is MSI’s cloud-based, real-time software platform for intelligent construction planning. We enable general contractors and specialty contractors the collaboration needed to prevent budget slippage and enhance safety. Owners benefit from instant insights to track progress and anticipate problems on all types of projects.

Analog planning can result in delays and losses. Touchplan can rapidly improve profitability by reducing project delays and time spent in planning meetings.

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Touchplan Software

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