Joe Stahlmann | Construction Management Lead

Joe Stahlmann has over 25 years of experience in design, planning, construction, facility assessments, and the management of multiple projects as an Owner’s Representative. He has worked with multiple clients including state and local, federal, colleges, K-12, aviation, and healthcare. Joe’s experience includes on-site Program Management, Project Controls (cost and schedule) Management, Predesign, and Master Planning.  Joe’s focus on culturally significant projects includes work on multiple public government structures, museums, and national landmarks. His unique skill set helps Owners navigate politically sensitive subject matter in a highly visible environment. He is experienced in managing state bonding dollars and coordinating donor funding.

For the past 6 years Joe has led the restoration of the Minnesota State Capitol working closely with the Department of Administration and as the liaison for the Senate and the House. Mr. Stahlmann worked closely with David Hart on the development of the Comprehensive Master plan that was the guiding document for the Capitol Restoration. He also developed the Design Guidelines which identified and documented those expectations which the Capitol Preservation Commission felt were the most critical to the process. Working with the CMr and the Architects he attended to the needs of Owner.

During the restoration, the Capitol Commission approved the development of the new Senate office building. Joe over saw the development of the master plan, project definition and programing for the project. He worked closely with the design building team and the Owner.